The school run.

Nothing confuses the chauffeuring father more than that 30 min weekday dash along the highway, looking for the fastest route to school usually while placing imaginary toothpicks to keep half dreamy eyes open. A daily experience so gratifying, as ears glued in on daughters sharing their excitement over teachers giving sweet treats for a job well done, all while eyes remain peeled on the road for the next opportunity to cut into the space in front of the hogger on the first lane.

Yet, it remains emotionally challenging to express fatherly pride listening to such positive anecdotes,when other drivers seem bent on you blurting out the first expletive of the day with an uncalled for signal-less lane change at 7am. Cue sleep deprived father wishing its the weekend soon (happens especially on Mondays), while simultaneously hoping the lights will turn red at the last junction for that last conversation with daughter before she is off to fend for herself for the day.

Nothing confuses the chauffeuring father more than the school run. Multiply frequency of confused emotions by number of school runs in a day (2 in my case). Will I exchange my morning routine for someone else? No road hogger can make me trade it for anything else in the world.


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