Though we have some ideas of the role and responsibility of a father but society, as
a whole does not really have a clear idea what it represent. How does the presence
or absence of fathering impact our children? What children need from their fathers?
In this fast paced society it is difficult and rare for parents to reflect on the effect of
their parenting role and the parent-child relationship. As a result, the parenting
process is seldom the result of basic decisions made consciously and thoughtfully.


Trends of Family Life in Singapore
From the perspectives of social

Challenges for Today’s Parents
Bridging the Parent-Child contact
time dilemma

What Today’s Children Need
Learning from recent researches

The Parenting Style
What works best for today’s

The “Fathering” Difference
Turning the hearts of fathers towards
their children

Strategies to Connect with Your Family
Tips that will empower families