Countdown to Back to School

As the final sands of the holiday hourglass slip away, I find myself donning the prestigious title of “Captain of the Back-to-School Prep Squad.” My mission? To orchestrate a seamless takeoff into my daughter’s first day of Primary 4. Given her evolving tastes, I sense I’m in for quite the challenge.

Our first order of business: gearing up with the coolest supplies. It’s not just about textbooks; it’s a full-blown fashion show, with the backpack taking center stage. Daddy’s cash, it seems, is expected to be splashed liberally—matching pencil cases, water bottles, and wallets included. I may have unintentionally created a mini-shopping spree by uttering those fateful words, “Your wish is my command.” Thankfully, the initial wishes for iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads were swiftly vetoed by the ever-discerning Home Minister, bringing us to this compromise.

Day 1 of School then

Logistics are the next hurdle on our prep checklist. Five days before D-day, we’re packing with military precision. The success of this operation hinges on intel from an awesome teacher or, at the very least, a class timetable. Otherwise, brace yourself for the intense debate of the “Do we need this?” game—a game where every item becomes a strategic necessity.

My role has morphed into that of the designated chauffeur and time-management specialist. Now, I must ensure my princess rises, bathes, and breakfasts on schedule. Factor in buffers for unexpected contingencies, like car problems, and the need to master the art of faster route-switching than Google Maps. The only thing I fervently hope is that my muscle memory doesn’t override common sense, propelling us straight into the expressway abyss.

En route to school, morale-boosting is a must. I regale her with tales from my school days, liberally embellishing for dramatic effect. Epic lunchtime adventures and daring escapades to the school bookshop take center stage. It’s the oldest trick in the parenting book: make her believe that what she’s going through, dear old dad has triumphed over before.

Trip During School Holidays

And then, the grand finale—the post-match review. The first day doesn’t truly end after the send-off. It’s a time for her to recount the day’s triumphs and share the exclusive scoop from her besties. My role? To be the attentive listener, the smiling supporter, and the dedicated admirer.

In this grand Back-to-School Symphony, my baton is a mixture of humor, love, and a dash of chaos. As we prepare for this educational crescendo, I can’t help but savor the overture of laughter and anticipation that accompanies the countdown to Primary 4.

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